Saturday, September 10, 2016

Halloween - Kylo Ren Progress

I've been continuing to make steady progress for my Halloween build of a Kylo Ren costume. After seeing what others have done, I decided to glue the two halves of the helmet together and repaint it. You can see the steps and results over the last few days in the following pictures.
Applied base coat of white primer, sanded, and reapplied
Applied next layer of primer, black semi-gloss
Applied Hammered (Gunmetal) spraypaint (sloppy job covering seams)
Applied clear, matte finish protector
Removed painters tape, some slight pickup on edges

I'm pretty happy with how it has turned out so far, especially considering this is my first undertaking of such a project. There were some slight pickups, scratches, and burrs in the finish, but I plan to use some silver paint to accentuate and give it a scratched steel look. I still have a lot of work to do, but you can see the new features, such as the mesh grill over the eye slit and audio cable, which I use to send audio signals to speaker and transport mic output for processing. I also had a mix up on the robes and tunic for my costume, with the seller sending me these items two sizes too small (measured in accordance with their sizing chart). I've gone and ordered a full-pleated tunic and hope to recieve a new outer robe in the next couple weeks. The 5" wide belt is still proving a bit of a challenge, unless I want to spend some serious money.

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