Thursday, January 24, 2013

Use of Personal Experience in APA Writing

Several students have recently asked about how to best use their personal experience when addressing areas in their projects or comprehensive exams.

1) Here are some resources to explain citation vs personal experience in APA writing:

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See Locating Appropriate Source Material (Marek, n.d., pp. 3-4):
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I use "personal experience" and knowledge to establish the general framework of what I'm writing. I then use that framework to define my literature review (research for citable sources), which I use to confirm my statements (i.e., assertions and declarations). Sometimes, I find what I believed to be correct, was not and need to change my statement and line of thinking. Such a situation is exactly why personal experience alone is insufficient, it must be corroborated or supported by others. Despite what we've experienced we are not always correct or the best authority on a subject.

2) The following resources also provide significant APA formatting and writing information:

Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL; this is a VERY good resource):
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