Friday, April 18, 2014

ERAU-Worldwide UAS Professional Development Course-San Diego

I will be heading out west to San Diego, CA to teach the second offering of the ERAU-Worldwide UAS Professional Development course. There are still several spots available, so signup while there is still time ($550 per person, includes lunch, 1.6 CEUs). To learn more about this course, please visit:

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New Degree at ERAU-Worldwide: The Master of Science in Unmanned Systems

I'm pleased to announce the availability of a new unmanned systems degree at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Worldwide, the Master of Science in Unmanned Systems, starting this Fall (2014). This exciting new program represents the first graduate degree with an emphasis on examining the application, policy-making, and management of unmanned systems (air, space, ground, and maritime), associated technology, processes, and methods. The degree will be available in all of ERAU-Worldwide's instructional modalities (e.g., classroom, online, EagleVision, and blended). The following program descriptions contains the details of the new 36 credit program, which will feature flexible course options to support the unique goals and needs of each  student.

The Master of Science in Unmanned Systems (MSUS) degree program will provide students with an education focused on gaining and applying knowledge necessary for success within the unmanned systems industry. The educational focus is anticipated to support the growth, innovative development, and effective use of unmanned system technology across the respective domains to address major challenges within the industry, which include interoperability, autonomy, airspace integration, communications, education and training, propulsion and power, teaming, and regulation. Professionals with the ability to identify trends, analyze requirements, develop strategies, recommend solutions, recognize opportunities for innovation, and clearly communicate from a rich knowledge and experience base will be valuable contributors, essential to the success of the developing industry in the global market. Students will be provided an opportunity to select combinations of advisor approved courses individually or from specified concentrations, including unmanned aerospace systems (UAS), aeronautics and design, human factors, space systems, safety/emergency response, operations, education, aviation/aerospace management, and aviation/aerospace research. The selection of topical relevant electives is anticipated to provide the flexibility to tailor the education to the requirements and goals of each student, while retaining continuity with the overall goal of the degree to address the growing and dynamic needs of the industry. The MSUS will provide an interactive learning environment to acquire and apply knowledge, work in independent and team settings, communicate across a geographically and experientially diverse population, and assume leadership roles, which represent the fundamental skills necessary to establish or advance a successful career in today’s competitive and collaborative working environment.

I have been serving as the Program Chair of this new degree since December, when I transitioned from my role as Associate Chair of the Master of Aeronautical Science degree and began the research, development, and proposal efforts in support of the degree. Please feel free to contact me with any questions relating to this new degree and check back for updates.

6 May 2014 Update: The webpage for the MSUS degree is now available: